• The fulcrum around which Indian economy revolves is its agriculture.22% of India 's GDP is contributed by its agriculture and related activities.65-70% of its people bank upon agriculture for their livelihood.
  • Same goes into the roots of Triz Agriland, being in Gujarat India it has nearly 3 generations of agricultural background and history of cultivating quality ground nuts, cotton and sesame since 1870
  • Triz has been integrated the different stages of Procurement Proccess, By intial trading, Processing and gathering plants, to end up in an intensively farming, guarantying an proper supply.
  • Besides this, we have well experienced staff to look over the inspection and quality process.
  • Recognised as Solid, reliable and continually growing food company,which dedicates to flexibility of people's potential & learning from experience.
  • It holds the first plant in India which process only dry peanuts and where all the products are cleaned, shelled, sorted, graded, and packed without ever being exposed to any kind of human touch.

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